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Chuck Yeagers Air Combat Reviews

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graphic art was half proper for time. Cockpit looks pretty rich in detail and look from window not half bad. (If you think about it, from cockpit took half screens, developers only needed, to showed half- visual look!)

on 386 or even 386SX with average VGA card, graphic art be fairly acceptable. I would say graphic art would be on equivalent with those contemporaries such as F - 19 Stealth fighter.


Without Sound Blaster (it is, without Soundblaster or GUS), sound is avaible sound something else, than tinny. Soundblaster, most sound when on - the - fly is simply engine sound. If you fly jet, you hear whine turbine. If you fly driven aircraft propeller, you hear rattle bladder propeller. Sound arms (mostly or machine - guns ordnance) is handsome.

Sound isn't all that bad. It does tack to experience but I'd highly would proposed headphones over loudspeaker.

There's no voice act except in some sound mouthfuls from Chuck himself.


here lie this play September. Yes, this might be a little dumber down but it be arranged how can you push every aviation to its limits. At playing, be very careful to kept your aviation in his flight envelope. It may be quite easy to stop and, in the middle of buoy, stalling is NOT recommended.

Historic mission be arranged, how they have given player in cockpit real combat mission. Historical mission ranging from down shot Allied bomber in second world wars to MiG combat flying watch in Korean War, into Cunninghamův Ace behind day during Vietnamese wars.

Field they may also create their personal mission and, at the same time, can stir and match aviation from by other erasability. What a load of FW-190S would it took strip from single F - 4? Or can single MiG - 15 will insert vertically several P - 51s?

Is play easy? No. But it can be. To agree with (so I'm was found, at all events) one have to almost think in 3D. Dogfight are merry making but can be illusory till then, than you get at the bottom of thinking in 3D. A keep in mind, elbow come in handy to but they may bleed airspeed. A Split S manoeuvre may be quite helpful either get hell peep swerve but, for some reason, I'm findedthat the be hard to used in stay aviation.

Simply puts, this play was FUN.

Oh, and if I keep in mind well, handbook is included in download, but did you could also locate half- slušnou book on fighters and use it! (it is that a, what I used when I first encountered herewith play back in 90s.)

high articles

play. I'm was found it comical play to played. Also, check - out peculiar scenarios can be merry making - - 3 P - 51s, several FW-190S, perhaps even some MiG - 15s against you in F - 4. You can insert vertically them all?

Bad levels of

sound is kind monotonous. Graphic art she could need some work in comparison with modern plaies (well, rainbows ....). But, have sexual intercourse, graphic art in reality isn't vain. (heck, Mechwarrior- ovo graphic art falled blocks colours namely yet be overwhelming play!)

verdict: If you like good ol - ův fight knives overhead, handle this play. None of this BVR filth. You rise near and personal with your opponent of how do you implore shoot down mutually with guns and machine - guns!

Oh, and bombing ground troops also can be merry entertainment. Only keep in mind to withdrew before you kiss provincial.

Play handbook is included in file with filename "Yeagerem.txt". It includes printing - down safety code, necessary hereto, start play, below "by air Descriptions".

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Electronic Arts, Inc.


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