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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines je singleplayer realtimeová taktická strategie od španělské vývojářské společnosti Pyro studios. Ocitáte se ve


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Czech 2D dubbed adverbial from year 1997 leisure to motives books Gooka and dragonish people Dick D. Evanse.

on side play for behind jolly good fellow or rather boy on behalf of Gookathat the waits some really unworthy awakening. His father he is gone, strictly speaking slain further strictly speaking fed up and Gooka is suspected of parricide. Gooka have to plead alone i. e. find evidence and prove guilty murderer and at the same time to all mustn't it on step out.

even if is play 10 years old, graphic art and dub would could be about pinch better, so but story will stay on good no matter what action what is happening.

play is play relatively difficult and how many times you will have imperious acts grasp at manual, but I trust as though she in the end without him successfully afterpiece. Gooka was bitwise already before thirteen flights and is that a option, at which don't burn not even today.

Year of publication: 1997

Made by: JRC Interactive



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Přidal Angelo

Jáchym 09.08.2010 reaguj
Prosím, poraďte mi prosím tu melodii, nedělá se to písmenkami, ale myší a ta flétna předtím nehrála. řekněte prosím jaké a v jakém pořadí mám ty čudlíky mačkat...
Angelo 29.08.2010
tady ti nikdo nic neporadi, tady je to mrtvy
paddy 30.08.2010
to je pozitivni pristup od admina:)