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Age of Empires is one of the first plaies based historical factthat the developed society Ensemble Studios and issued firm Microsoft in the year 1997. Run on enginu Genie, based on 2D spritech. Happen leader some of the nationsthat the carry out historical period ever since stone until until at iron.

; aim be abreast of minimum source build up what biggest civilization. Choose you can of several kinds plaies - trickle charging foreign civilisation, victory on basis economics forwardness or nibble surface and next.

on side are 4 eternities (time). As I said already, begin in stone age, continue by over time copper until at bronze and finish at the time iron. Every age you reopening new print periods, new building and new technologies.

play become already legend, but unfortunately, wasn't slack like freeware, so that you produce only demo.

Year of publication: 30. Zářří 1997

Made by: Microsoft Game Studios


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