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Lost Patrol, The Reviews

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In the middle of Vietnamese wars helicopter tumble enemy zone. Short on ammunition and hardly have things to eat, seven soldiers have to cruise 58 mile enemy territory to survived. And that is only good news.

They must slink, fight, hide and will never no surrender to . Bend out and militate against VC watchs, they'll caught in qualified sniper- ohni, trip up through pits- pole, trace for traps, militate against enemy soldiers... and price failure is life.

How perhapsthat the would was guessed until now, losable watch is malingering wars in Vietnam. You lead group soldiers through enemy zone. A map territories will shown in the main look along with many options in bottoms screens. It would be too much describing them all, only will try every one of them once and you solve is (dispraise rations directly at the beginning be highly recommended). Map is divided into sectors, so you lead your group from sector sector. Will next step will bring more trouble? Should you unwound place that? Or perhaps send scout to try it on first, while your men be starving?

Every conflict is dinky play with another style from next , like one - on - one naked fellow- ruce fight or much interesting sniper fire, where you have to insert vertically enemy qualified sniper before, than he fires you. When some kind encounter will stop, you must act herewith new danger. If you fail, somebody from your insider surely will injured, perhaps even slew. If succeed, search region for food and ammunition. Mapthat the you do you see always be same, but with by other occasions every time you play to. You certain of inform that the play be hard on all start of. Well, it gets only rougher. A rescue lost patrols in situation like it to be almost impossible mission and cannot really expectthat it%%= is walkabout in park.

There are a few cut scenes before certain occasion. Well, after you have seen is several times, they they may state irritating especially, that machine - gun. Cut scenes cannot be interrupted, so you be forced to keep an eye on is and again and they may last more than just few seconds. No too long, but enough to, to began going on your nerves. Also, you may see some raw animation soldier or pictures surrounding countryside at shift through sectors. They're very good and only they could give you feeling like you be in Vietnamese wars film.

Use numpad (or cursor keys) move your group on map. Buttons O,P,Q, A and SPACE be abandoned for in play. Use you buttons to chose option on map cathode - raytube and at dealing with enemy.

This play she might be so, so much better. Draft "forlorn watch" she might be mature into fable. Although action scene in play be too interesting, something is missing. Better graphic art and music probably would fecit better sensation wars in Vietnam namely is not just about make - up games. There are elements which will be really goggle sensation, but the more you play to and more experienced you become, play only is given repeated. Every, who played this play on Amigaovi will probably be disappointed. Yet, you should try this because this might be interesting (especially some parts) and you probably you are never played something like this before.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Shadow Development


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