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Nosí boty novinářského Henry Mortona Stanleya a spustit pro nebezpečný, nádherný a exotický svět Afriky zkusí najít chybějící průzkumník,


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play from Jordana Mechnerathat the thanks his popularity wait to see many continuation. In those play, draped in somewhat simpler 2D light jacket, in role young prince give up save princes from infamous sultan. Is then up to you,so that run through 12 treacherous levelů and deliver so princes.

Jednoduché how slap, then excepting couple of trifle. Dungeons and palacethat the you must run through are peppered every traps: chasm of - so herewith meeting really around every corner, here it is important learn well time jump and be noting seats, where can fall through floor, failing that you wish pleasant years, because trail down used to be in many cases sickeningly hlubokánášlapné plateaux - part floors, whereon when rise, open out grating (but only for a time), buttons might be of and opposite effect, so that you they may way block and you so you will have to return, or in some cases give up round stickers in floor - trouble.

best way, how is surmount consists at thatthat the is normally slowly run through or simply be promoted over, if it be to the contrary instinct below flower and lion start from start of (withal like at all events deaths) steel teeth - next trap, near whose-will you need good timing, be enough only run through than teeth clap.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Broderbund


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