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Once there live kingthat the evidently began bore. To amuse themselves he decided to hold tournament. Much brave knights come in champion honour and possible arm semi- gorgeous (perhaps even only semi) girl, but marriage would help their personal social standing hugely. A good knight must be qualified in use different gathering arms. So competition know how to games knights begun.

Unfortunately there's no real plotting to games. You get into choose disciplinethat the you do you want to fought in, then choose one or two player play, choose difficulty and check device for your knight. Keys for player one's are to the left keyboards (with S being fire and circumambient keys meanthat the fit direction). Movements you can exert is not as quite all that heterogeneous. You move there and back possession fires and shift left the or right, every other attempt at move causes you exert attack. You only have you got limited number of movements (pressing directions at retaining ohninebo without retaining fires). After withdrawal of all this you get into fight in the following disciplines: Fight

swords 1: Two knights get into fight mutually with the sword ( classical heroic lead to main rainfall armour periods).

Quarter personnel: Nezapomeněte scene from Robin Hooda, when Robin had to militate against Littlí Johnem. Well, that is your chance to reenactment this very scenes.

Archery: This is not lead to consecutive knot. You need to struck eye bull (only guard evil - affected bull later), or simply strike bull's - eye (unfortunately fire away eye bull, you will need to let your room, get real obeisance and arrow and go search for bull).

Ball and chain: What conniving way to fight. Really, really it is. You get into use bad ox to broken your rusting opponent of (you do you want he really they will rusting) bits. Fight

swords 2: It's as well as original swordfight, but scenery is somewhat another (and movements are not quite identical).

Pikestaff: Anybody for Shish - ka - Bob? Well, invite your friend (who's nominal must stop Bob) and run pikestaff through him. Or at least introduce that the opponent of in those matters is Bob (some /every /no Bob will do).

Crossbow: Is again newsmaker where you you don't get into go head on head, but you will need accuracy. He may your aim be over, your arm stationary and your arrow flight straits into *insert name men do you really hate here* ovo support side.

Wood - cutter: Soever consider connection wood - cutters? You have you got? But did you being aware of high wood buoy back... Well then, you can practise against Knights that shall doubtless implore cut you before you do you do same him.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: English Software Company, The


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