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Tired of simple of an old solitaire Windows? Well, then it is time did you played Klondike To! A play mature Brooke W.Boering from 1996 to 2002, done in by its own CEEMAC programming language, and probably last project made at that, Klondike To is experiment ' double solitaire ' .

Klondike To has action about it, be in gold fever Old West. You contend 9 next opponent of, in attempt be best Klondike player on the west. Every competition consists of 6 arm. You earn 500 articles for be getting all the cards as far as angular point in hand, but any /every /any features past first agreement deck costs you articles. You earn gold slug for 1., 2.or 3., and lose some for another place. But, solitaire high be based on luck. How do that work?It lie - ův geminate ' part enters. Every person she'll get same arm when they competes. In this way, luck is mostly eliminated. How do you move up in rank, opponent of happen cleverer, using advanced tactician, and your victory get slimmer, compulsive you, so that are be more dexterous and more coincident if you hopethat the achieve.

Klondike To is dandy addictive play, unfortunately, current version only lets you get into Gold jolly good fellow rank before, than it ask you to pay $20 which are go before charge for it. Even if 2.5.3 version is projectedthat the is freeware version, and says so on title cathode - raytube. I would say this play is prime challenge to some /every /no hacker outside. Clash with, clash with.

Survey mine opinion upon this, if you like solitaire, Klondike To will you qualify you your computer like nothing else, because there is nothing other this way outside! It be but damage it only lets you get till now.

Website for Klondike To is here:

If thinkthat the you can get author (I'm tried, but no by a fluke), then continue by!

Main download is latest version, straight from official website (with addition TEXTTEXT.TXT from version 2.1), while is from file I'm was foundthat the, I think, is version 2.1, but I don't know how reliable as though source is.

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Vagabondo Enterprises


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