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Kings Quest II - Romancing the Stones VGA Reviews

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AGD Interactive undid final remake royal search 2 in the year 2003, same year as though they have given finishing touches royal search 1. Play gets on with story Grahama, who come true search to a given him late king Edwardem and was crowned king Daventry. There's a, nevertheless one thing missing ... wife who participate his life. King Graham look everywhere for perfect husband, but till now he not found his true love.

Then, one fateful day, his magic mirror says him about lady incarcerate in another dimension. King Graham at once in love with fair girls and trades his crown for its old adventurous hat. It is time for others bold adventure. Again Graham will travel provincial in search of artifacts or people who they may help him in his brave search. He needs to rallied three rocks to could open out virtuous door and disengage his wife - to - be.

This play is remake original publication Sierra back in 1985, namely innovates every aspect games. AGD even made small change to conspiracy, making more impressive story. For example, door have story from by its own. Of course graphic art and music was enhanced also. Again, you must scrap play to she could have believe difference.

Only final remark: original play be called royal search 2 - Romancing throne, but AGD Interactive chose to called their rewrite royal search 2 - Romancing Stones.

Part royal be subdivided into several lots search

Year of publication: 2002

Made by: Tierra Entertainment


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