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Kings beach yet another much succeed play in set excellent sports plaies Electronic art. You can saythat the do they really be on strip early in ninetieth years. Just like whole others, this play is simple, HQ and much entertainment. There is not much to will not to say about those play, at exactly what it projected to was - beach volleyball match. You can sport with computer or friend. There are two modes accessible: practice and tournament. Practically mode you can perfect your skills, and as soon as you feel ready, you you can apply for into tournament. There you will face by many opponent of, each of whom she'll get lineation. Of course, next you light upon tournament, more experienced your opponent of will. It's much all about play. Graphic art be but penalty - nothing magnificent, but they serves their purpose - and sound is also satisfactory. So, I give this play 4, for it is exactly what is the projectedthat the is - already no, no less - excellent way to get out your mind things and go play some volleyball on hot, sunny Californian beach. :)

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Electronic Arts, Inc.


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