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V 80s, Epyx byl slavná sportovní společnost her. Oni udělali většinu klasických C64 sportovních her, a mnoho z nich také vyšly pro PC. To


Formula One Grand Prix Reviews

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Grand Prix 1 is the first from slam F1 from Microprose.

play originate from from the beginning ninetieth years and on his time has good enough graphic art and proper physical model. Play includes all circuits serial story world championship F1 from year 1991.

you can choose team and rider, and all that at pleasure rename. You can pass individual works, or whole season 1991. Or without consequence for joy train and break season ticket records.


A - gas
Z - brake
Alt / Space - sorting
< > - steering wheel
P - pause
Enter - ride into depots

F1 automatic recall brakes
F2 automatic gear housing
F3 after crash will turn car
F4 unbreakable car
F5 line on road shows ideal freeze
F6 shows optimal gear in ulterior turning

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Microprose



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