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Keef the Thief - A Boy and His Lockpick Reviews

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Keef thief - A Boy and his Lockpick is mixture adventurous and- playing plaies role. You play to how Keef, orphan raised in town from which he was exiled, for he didn't have talent for normalcy fancy (which meansthat the he lack capacity to be one of usual roleplaying signs, such as warrior, priest ormagician). Any ability at all; it is, except in stealing. So he became a thief, intriguingly nor sly kind, but fighter. You start your adventure in gate town of even Mercon, that is of in the middle of jungle.

Graphic art is not as quite as though horrible, but they will be sufficient VGA graphic art. Plane glass surface is simple:you have you got buttons at the bottom screens, like ' talk, buy, etc . You have you got compass up genuine corner, that can be use to run through play. White bar at top has two buttons: Register, and Keef. First is for inquiry/pickling, rotary musical about/near (important!), etc .. Second reveal character information desk, and has special button used hereto, to slept. Buoy somewhat be of interest: small bullseye square discovers place picture, with coloured pixel at that. White one presents you. You you can move forward and conversely, and veer left and right with cursor keies, and attack your enemy with spacebar.Below "site map", there's a rectangle where you may see region from Keef - ovo aspects (most bogus firma illusion 3D environment I have ever seen yet, that be good for ' 89). You can also see how much health points you have you got - - and if you die, well, napoo. You can change difficulty fights in File menu. After every successful fight you get small borrowing power, that definitely you will need in play. In town same Mercon, talking - - or rather, asking about anything - - you will state money, so watch what do you do you do! You can also sneak into home, but houses haves be full of trap; cheap one are empty, but guards watchs street, so watch.

Music is... poisonous. It seems boy which madethat it%%= be high. Perhaps it'd get past for short buoy, but you will hear same airs again and again, from introduction picture to the end. Fortunately you can thrust forth it. Combat system games is merry making, but play alone is missing much in other ways, mostly because cannot interact with your surrounding country too much. If you zpříčíte always you may use recap at all events.

Play be calculated for be parody, but except for a few reputedly "amusing" lines, don't expect real comedy. It remind me Eric unfinished - - conspiracy resemble, with his dim - witted medieval madness - - but Keef thief isn't so much merry entertainment. It is good for rainy in afternoon, though, and it is not not even it painful to play to. I give that 3.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Naughty Dog, Inc.


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