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For the first time I'm played jurrasic War jsem was when I'm wasn't senior to 10 years old. I'm was excited. Much late evenings and by many complaining of mine motherhood. Mine father though, who played this more, be more understanding. This play be the first RTS I have ever play at mine life, and could would switched mine view of playing most, along with classics like destruction and Duke Nukem.

So how do you describe play like jurrasic War? Well it is play which take place in olden times, with caveman and dinosaurs! Play is RTS where you control troop and outhouse with the aim of to destroyed your opponent of or completing another mission like finding artifacts. You start play by selection trunk, and there's a eight elect. Every trunk has their special aptitude with boor represented in every trunk. Tribes might be of everything from Tyranno who will tame dinosaurs to fought, Radumba who be great at with obeisance, Romack who uses conjuror, to Koomba, lazy jockbelt trunk.

You start by any map with a number of periods and in the end outhouses with mission on every map. The point is to broadened your fishery with preies being wild animals from pincers to powerful tyrannosaurus Rex at the same timethat the you fight next tribes. Hunt is also way to find out play only thing resources - meat.

What is he doing this play so unique for its time be caused by, how does your troop gather experience more periods they kill.In peas didn't we play to today where you know the world on your periods, often there's a - ův hero ' who collects entries. It be like each other here, but you may use all your troop make it. You can choose even what your troop would have had improve v.If you start off by so - called ' Everyman, weakest caveman, he may target the be strong with much HP grow into men svalunebo if you want, to warrior athlete, you can train Everyman to - ův warrior, everything based it, how youchoose your Everyman to exercised his skills.

Jurrasic War is play that shall hold you busy for much o'clock, how so is taking quantity and quantity o'clock to are over, and there are 9 campaign ), one for every trunk. If you be set to play hardests difficulty - do, as you please, you will play to for months.

Good things about jurrasic War, is as though though play is old, that was kinda new with some functions. To train your warriors to became stronger, hunting animals, search ancient artifacts, weaponry your troop to tooths and in the end only is burning your trunk neighbour to the earth. It my friend. It's powerful sensation.

Music and sound in play is also good. Soundtrack makes you feel like you be in Jura, and there's a even jukebox so you can choose songthat the you do you want listen. A sound when t - Rex yells from wood, that is not nothing that fondling.

Bad thing about play is AI, that is sometimes much illusory and sometimes you don't you understand what your opponent of does. Standing in their fisheries and only waiting up to you attack them, without show some /every /no in all ox assault you. Next bad thing is that athat the troop have very short agronomist- rozsah, which meansthat the if two troop costs, let's say 3 square distant asunder, they don't prepare help each other if attacked. It is also enough to poisonous when you be set to move your military about on map, how they've tendency towards get stuck in trees or even bridges. I mean, how hard could would were to be run through f#cking bridge?

Graphic art however are ok, with landscape perhaps small holing, but troop contemplation only penalty and outhouse look like nothing you have ever seen before.

So has final words. Jurrasic War be too entertainer which had incommodious attention when it get along. If you can play to this play today, is that a yet modern? Yes if you can look last some of the insect it do they really good play. When you get at the bottom of that, you will have much raging o'clock on jurrasic Iceland.

Year of publication: 1997

Made by: Tranquil Revolt in Computer


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