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Mixed - Up Mother husa - zvětšila je vyšší verze Mixed - Up Mother husy (1987), vytvořený v roce 1991 Sierra On - Line, Inc . Hra točí se


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First I'd just like let you know as though I not long ago I'm reding original books from Micheala Crichtona, so story is freshly in my head. I'm sought good jurrasic park play to played, and this seems a it. Every, who hasn't seen film or read book will a little mixed up when they first sham. Play heads out with your sign juxtapose burned out jeep, you handle weapon in your hands and splitting headache. You have you got ones things, that be to make - buckler children which be in jeep when did you were charging the terrible T - Rex.

Play graphic art be too handsome for 1993 aero plaies. Curly characters, handsome scenery and well pulled dinosaurs do play much graceful to the eye. Also general supply presentation is nice with nicely pulled themed boxes. One thing I'm disliked about presentation play was realitythat the dinosaurs dissappear then, what are they were gunning. Although it is a common among mostly older plaies it always galls me.

Sound in Jurrassic Parku it is not whacking. It is given poisonous after a while and always runs swimmingly in DOSBOX. Nevertheless it is rarther good when you first start playing. It is very atmospheric and suits what is up... after all you be caught up escaped dinosaurs. It's ghastly course this was probably much telling when you first are played play on old per cent or machine arcade.

Play is most important thing when it comes to games (well rainbows!). This play be too illusory first as I was no surely where mine health bar was or what's to be done. After a few minutes playing and experiment and I'm figured out everything. A except I'm went investigation my surrondings gun - toting with mine lighting screw shooting penis. Which after a while turn to weapon with dull reserve bullets and sequenced little sound. These arms bestead how there are wide range of enemies ranging from desperately rosy flowers to fericous dinosaurs. I don't want tell you too much about different enemies how so nobody's merry entertainment vision last dinosaur of which you must give wide berth. I have to admit all of it stated a little repeated after a while - run, fires, funking, fires, run... but it is merry making first. Parties gamesthat the I'm played largely consist ambulatory about and shooting but as though and heard as though there's a second part of the games with another play. I ain't fall short of this long way in play like I'm get bored after a while and I'm decided to stop playing.

Globally I'm enjoyed games but think it was a little weak in places, largely sound. This play will more'n probably grow old quickly for to someone except die hard fans jurrasic park and the, who're distressful terrible cases tedium, how it gets much repeated. I I am doing nevertheless advise you draw down play if you have you got several o'clock to slew or are fan JP films and books.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Ocean Software Ltd.


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