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Jungle Strike Reviews

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Jungle strike is classical shoot'em up play.You control prototype helicopter ' Commanche ' , and your mission is to militate against terrorist and next foam. It's continuation quite popular dessert strike, who graphic art and sound it retained.

Operating controls in Jungle strike are simple and straight forward. You you are driving gunship with cursor keies, and fire away 3 another accessible arms with from, x and c (hellfire guided missiles, hydra guided missiles and machine - guns). If you want to succeed, you need to find boxes ammunition and fuel cases while on missions. You can also save MIA'S and capture enemies, who be giving you premium at delivery them in landing zone. In some missions, you will need use next vehicles than you helicopter. This includes hovercraft, F117 fighter and motorcycle.

Story in Jungle strike is simple. You get mission; you finish mission; you get back to found, I wish got new mission. Mirthquake! First mission take place in Washingtonian DC. Evidently some terrorists want to murder president, but nobody knows where and when. First you have to defend any embassy below by assault, then you have to catch some terroristic leader to got some intelligence information desk, then you have to buckler any embassy again, and in the end you have to defend president.

You cannot buckler in Jungle strike. Every once in a while mission, you get password, that give you access to which level again. So you have to finish by any mission, without loser all your life. This will not always be easy, because of data, that Jungle strike isn't sap.

Graphic art be overwhelming. Do you really will you enjoy the experience deflecting controlled fire into and bullets from your enemies, who include tanks, the artillery, AA arms, helicopter and much more. Sound might be better, but is sufficient. Together, Jungle strike is very comical play. I will advise it to anybody who he likes games in genre shoot'em up, arcade and action.

Draw down, and have a good time.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Electronic Arts, Inc.


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