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V EcoQuest: Pátrání po Cetusovi, vy hrajete malého chlapce pojmenovaného Adam který je syn ekoložky a byla vynesený aby ohodnotila konzer


Tajemství Oslího ostrova Reviews

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in own line youthat the Czech play discovered in Czech Republice on counters play salesrooms first? Was to it on July year 1994 and dealt about famous secret Oslího island from tingle Pterodon Software and Peter Vochozky.

secret Oslího island arose like parody on successful set Monkey Island, in which in lead gets off stature Guybrushe Threepwooda (in Too Gajbraš Trípvůd). Action tie together first volume original set The Secret of Monkey Island as it were serves part second.

whole be done be enacted in "invincible" resolution 320x200, on pictures asunder distinguish individual pixel and animation be here like autumm crocus. Story is not very extensive and that matches and number location - plus opinion twenty - five.

after graphic page isn't almost what reprehend, perhaps only sometimes catch sight of some, today serene, animation. Compliment it is possible also intron, that certainly worth while see. Is that a unfortunately also only possibility of, how on side will hear?et some strains, in addition entirely of PC speakru.

treat your palate to and you this legendary adverbials!

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Pterodon Software


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