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James Pond 2 - Codename RoboCod Reviews

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James pond is play about cod fish battle against toys...

Bad Dr. Perhaps he's going to to displace Santaa Clausovu polar toy factory and only person, slip fish, in the world who can stop him is James pond, also known as Robocod. He's superheterodyne receiver fish special armour which keeping it drenched and make him winding - up crazy. A cod fish? Winding - up? Hullo ! Quite atypical for basis but he may bear themselves achieve even highest point in gigantic levels.

But back to story. Dr. Perhaps hidden his bombshells in Penguins. So search is to finded penguins and buckler Santu Claus, world and luck of all children. But be carefully ! Bombshells are snug bad toys - as are cards- ptáci, snowmen, teddy - bears, snakes, trains, teeth, gingerbread- muži etc . etc .. After finding all penguins Jamesi only needs to found exit and level is to make. Every few level, that he faces boss in- swine. This may be teddy - bear or snowman (or ...). While he only needs two - time jump on smaller enemies to get rid them, these big withdraw from much hit until they don't explode. To do mission easier, there are many premiums sums for extra score, extra lives or extra much and even gimmickry like wings ( fly with) or umbrellas (it can be used as parachutes).

Pictorial comic- styl graphic art is do very well and sound is quite good (for the first 30 minutes - after that it kills your nerves). James himself is animated very good and fluently. Operating controls be but penalty, too (cursor keys to ran, jump and duck and space to stretched). So technically is there nothing in those play I can report against.

Difficulty is too easy at the beginning and (I have to profess) I I don't know at at last levels of. Oh and talking about levels: Most of these are much gigantic and we've got stillion different periods. It be fairly fascinating to experienced how tricky straight designers were. We will find levels of completely made of rubbers (live), golf baculine, sweets, furring, level in black/white, levels of that are put the cart before and much more.

It's handsome play! Try to it! It's 4 for me!

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Vectordean Ltd.


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