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A hra ze španělského vývojáře, ze zad ve dnech 4 obarví CGA grafiku... Dobře, více nebo méně počítače užívaly lepší grafiku než to již v


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Blood! Lotův blood. Man, I hardly keep in mind playing those eye - appeal back many years ago, but I evidently ain't didn't think big part that. Gents !, was wrong.It's first person huckster- and- lomítko play at 3D environment, since before term ' first person shooter ' be formed.What thinks, what I'm bummels about?

Isle of the Dead! It is that a, what I talk of. Isle of the Dead appears to be part huckster- and- lomítko, and part adventure. Graphic art be truly a good somewhere for such old play, if you can look behind plane surface.

Only weaponthat the I found is machete, helpful hacking through jungle and soft meat unshapely zombie! Next entries, as are coconut, banana and first-aid kit renews your health.

Musical and sound effects also come in handy to and tack to play playability. Creatures are polite enough to, to alerted you to their access snarl or howling.

Isle of the Dead be governed by using mice for look and shift, but you can also move by using cursor keys or joystick.Esc display various keys you may use, such as ' S' buckler and ' L' load.

It can state you arm and leg - word for word - but Isle of the Dead it is one o'clock old play you should languish try!

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Rainmaker Software, Inc.


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