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In WWII fortified castle is owned Germans main. This fortified castle is replete infinite enemies and another kind of danger as well as includes art collection which is worth of all property. "No one would he should have gone where eagles adventuring" but you will.

Into eyrie he was told, to had contact famous film, but seems a it just good advertisement for play, from games hasn't any actual heat price connection with film except "eyrie" full enemies. Film be called where Eagles will weigh out (playing Clint Eastwood and Dick Burton) and would you mind say that the play be inspired by film. So, everything is for simple and (almost) impossible: did you alone in enemy fortified castle and have to militate against your way out and on way, destroy castle and steal whole art collection. One cannot will do so, but did you no vulgarian and you certainly you do not have in plan become one.

Play originally be done for C64 and that is yet one of the most difficult shooters soever. You do you see everything from aviform look. Cathode - raytube be divided into two parts, one for play alone and next for information as are: KEYS (quantity keies as though you carry), AMMO ( really-don't need to explained) and HITS (number of hits as though did you suffered). Germans don't fire away (?!) although they carry arms, but can strike you when they be too near. Even then you will not catch sight of is striking you; they only costs beside you while POČTY ZÁSAHŮ shoot up. You can upraise to 99 hit and then you die. Don't think as though you wield power energy. Although they don't fire away, did you from far outnumber, enemy will bone direction at you and food (for renewing health) be too rare. There are a lot of ammunition to hove, but even more enemies.

Everything across fortified castle you will find boxes. Shooting case open it. Most cases will empty, but others contain artistic entries or explosive. This meansthat the you must care when "opening" boxes. If you accidentally fire away it two - time you destroy sum. Shooting explosive is much worse - examines it at home. There are also keys and door. Brown (wooden) door they may be open with single bullet, but you will need key for grey one (metal). Into eyrie be too hard action play and is recommended to all real shooting lovers, because probably you will need some time to finish it. It can surely offer much merry entertainment. If did you action player then you should try this. If you withdraw from themselves for real good actor player, well, eyrie is real challenge. , as though "pick to went where anybody challenges" and succeed?

Play works good in Dosbox, sound. I managed to run it in professional Windows, but sound play per cent speaker of.

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Pandora


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