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International Ninja Rabbits Reviews

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International ninja rabbits is continuation ninja rabbits. Divers they may know this play how ninja Rabbit returns. It's sidescrolling militant games.

Again you get into control rabbit in white ninja costume (or is that a karate gi?) except in fight fight ability. This time matters do in three another lands (China, USA and Italy) on that account nominal International ninja rabbits. Although play be too similar prequel several changes be done.

Enemy you encountering are people et al. animal nature. You will fight but one friend all of a sudden. Also, you have to bend out dragonet and birds and different moving sums at the same time. Hands, legs and wooden pole rod are your only arms. Every level consists of of several cathode - raytubes. Cathode - raytube turns when you you are going transport, leap down into sewers or climb up ladders.

Biggest discrepancy between herewith play and prequel are little red box which sometimes run from skies. Boxes are premiums entries that you can earn only if you succeed in strike be abreast of by one of attack your. These premium can be extra lives, shields, health renews or only score point. Some boxes contain poison which decreases your health much. There is no way tale what these boxes contain before you break is or they hit the ground.

Like his prequel, play has only pcspeaker sound effects. Operating controls are a little better, but they always quits place for improvement. Graphic art was also updated and now be on the ball as though I thinkthat the first play would had had.

Premiums boxes are handsome addition but will do play way too easy. Fortunately play has three another difficulty level to elect. At all events, to my mind, this play is much better than prequel. So, if you thinkthat the ninja rabbits come in handy to play, then International ninja rabbits definitely is worth examination.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Villa Crespo Software


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