Blue Max - Aces of the Great War
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Modrá barva Max je jméno moc dobře známý k celým starším hráčům počítačové hry. To byla legendární C64 hra. Ale tato hra, modrý Max: Esa


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Tayte system. One of most vital seats well - informed universe, where danger shelter apiece corner... or behind nearest meteor. No place towards them for any healthy being, but did you Jack Ladd; biggest assessment deviant alive. Did you succeed in get away with of all till now, UNTIL I.R.D.S. ( interstellar decimation receipt services) make up one's mind drive you. They want to what do you owe is; fines for hundreds of heinous crime, thousands offence, and stillion UNTAXED credits earned. You have you got 28 days to pay it everything support - or drive you... torture you a little, sell your viscus and in the end kill you. You have to make sure, of his being succeed in collect sum mentioned.

Play feels much like space search 6 - Roger Wilco in spinal limit. It is difficult to say exactly why, but perhapsthat it%%= is tragic hero, space adventure and slum quarters they both show in. How see by cathode - raytubes play supplies very good land - gamete graphic art, but first - rate provided film graphic art! Play plane glass surface is also whacking. If you be acquainted with some /by every /no type adventurous games, you will be able only straight forward leap into action. A if you are not acquainted herewith genre, play is excellent introduction - combining good written conspiracy, much humour, interesting and amusing duologues, gorgeous graphic, handsome sound and much practical scene map. Scénová map show you survey current screens with exit articles etc .. A whacking help for newbie player, but also for veterans.

Play isn't familiar, but I hopethat the put it on this place it she'll get praise it merits. A strong games for every man's no shady pages.

Some of the you can experience slip - up at examiner board train in underground. If you run play in DOSBOX make sure, whether you heighten cycles to at least 6000 before starting games. In plant is while land - gamete fail to satisfy purpose.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Divide by Zero


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