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90- ovo (zvláště první poločas) byl moc zajímavý čas pro hráče. Žánry byly vytvořené a vyzrálý, barevné vesmíry byly smyšlené a mnoho z n


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Reviews

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Temple destruction was doubtless darkest film in Indianské Jonesově trilogy. I can always keep in mind eyes in hot water, main course apish brains and I can always hear the, who're favourite words:kali mammy...' that the priest spoke, before, than he pulled bludgeoning heart from casualties in underground cave.

After opening will shadow (where you can change setting with function key) play puts you straits in those very same underground cave. You get into pick level problems entrance shaft with difficulty you do you want (there are three possibilities).

As soon as you start, your whip will your truest friend. You use it, to buffeted guards, bats, blaze and snakes. Also use it, to swing from ledge to ledge and free babies. It's principal aim, buckler as many children as possible. Although even when you don't save is you will be able continue by. You need to come up in the world levels of, where mining trolley expects you. I bet you always keep in mind rollercoaster continuity from film.

In contradistinction to film hereof trolley no you no send berserk to the end action. You use it, to got to the next level, where you need to got sacred stone - keep in mind conspiracy? You need to returned rocks to villagers. A entirely of then on you get into traffic kepp out at grass levels of - keep in mindthat the big boy getting some extreme massage big rock grinding stone?

Well, together this play offers quite a lot of action, but some things will refrain much sense. Why mine is circular? When you go far enough to, to one side, you land did you started (much život - similar). Also play non follows conspiracy film (it would be nice to have aircraft crashing continuity and elephant ride included). But main attributes are. There's a whip cracking action hero, although graphics quality it could have been anybody. Opening air is OK, but the rest sound do not really please ears. It serves hereto, to alerted you when there's a bat approaching you though. All point taken in consideration (even matterthat the there's no saves option) those games coming - out much average, so average score!

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Atari, Inc.


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