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Obrys: Velrybí Voyage je v podstatě RPG to uvádí vesmírné-obchodní elementy: Vaše posádka navštíví několik planet, kde oni mohou vyměnit


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That were time long forgotten. That were time when average white man was illiterate. That were time when Europe distressful biggest fall in his story, time when first of all empire disappeared and wars were to be guidee for its sequence. That were time when, at point completely unknown to militant Europeans, new and mighty empire rose. Incas!

They built magnificent monuments high in Andies. A before their descendants were visited from Columbusa, they were visitation foreignes! There are people in the world today who believesthat the Incas was visited extra terrestrials. This play claims even more - not only didthat the Incas have contact with foreign life - form, but so have they have had technology to fly to stars. And that is what it is assumedthat the you do.

To cut long tale short, there's a bad double of you outside, and you must stop it! You must bottle prophecy and buckler world. Withdraw from cosmic ship, fly to Jupiter and then operate from there.

This play come in handy to mixture adventure like riddle and overhead- them - up space fights. Graphic art are not half bad also, but best thing about play is his recording which be too telling.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Coktel Vision


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