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Hra od Jordana Mechnera, která se díky své popularitě dočkala nejednoho pokračování. V této hře, zahalené do poněkud jednoduššího 2D kabátku


Igor - Objective Uikokahonia Reviews

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It's point and click adventurous play made Pendulo Studios in the year 1994. You play to Igora, graduate student at school. You desperately do you want meeting with girl your moonshine, Laury. Unfortunately, it seems as though your rival, Phillip have more chance with her.

Class biology continued school ways to tropical island Uikokahonia. This he looks like perfect occasion hereto, get close to Laury, that be but damage you are not in class biology. You must find a way to talk to get admission to roads biology. Of course, so have you need to paid for the trip somehow.

Through your efforts to get at way, you find myself mixed up in bad plan concerning smugglers. You must find way to stop is.

Play has humourus story, and Igor come out with some amusing commentary.


It's handsome sap to played. It uses point and click system similar old Lukáši art games. There are words along bottoms screens (talk, abided, look, use etc) that you can click on to he said your sign what's to be done.If you want to speak to Phillipem, click on ' talk ' , and then click on Phillipa. To move, only clicking on areas screens and Igor will move there. Your entries inventories be shown along bottoms also, and you can scroll up or down to see more sums.

I have to warn against you, there's a HORRIBLE maze in church. I've done map, and included it how separate set.

Press space bar to be tabled before options menu. This allows you to buckler and load your play, as well as retire from the game.

Graphic art:

Graphic art be too much in style old Lukáše art games. Think of apish ostrověnebo Indianském Jonesovi and fate of Atlantis. They're handsome and pictorial, and draws you in to play. Nevertheless, some entries are hard to make out from backcloth, and some hunt pixel is requisite.

Musical and sound effects:

Music is cheery and incentive. It holds you who interest about play. Sound effects are also handsome touch. You can hear birds warble in backcloth - or waterfall streaming.Characters:

There are quite a few humourus signs in those play as though you meeting. Divers are reinforcing and divers are hindrance.

Riddle:Some of the riddles be fairly tricky and illogical, while next riddle be too easy. Try to everything with anything, see what record you get.


It's handsome, comical play which any /every /any Luke art fan will relish. Boy wants girl, then findsthat the he must stop jailbirds. Story has much humour, and music be too incentive. Pixel hunt gently be frustrating, and some men find church maze much poisonous. Globally, that is handsome play worth playing.

DosBox - The play runs like greased, with full operating mouse. Recommend.VDM sound - play works, but use cursor keys and come in.Windows XP - play works, but use cursor keys and come in. No sound.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: P??ndulo Studios, S.L.


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