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View of you good child studying and read! I can't do with it already no. I have to jump the queue about it. Quasi occupation magic and creation magic books. Once the handsome responsible oaves open out book, they'll sucked in, incarcerate inside most terrible seats they ever vision. Bwahahahahaha....How are you introduction hereto swine, so - called I.M. Meen, you appreciatethat the did you imprisonment inside maze with others babies. But you make up one's mind militate against your way out. On way you encountering by various monsters, pets I.M. Meen and salvages detainee. You are not alone since, what I.M. Meen - ovo servant Gnick decided to betray his bad mister and help you and next children.

This play is educational FPSthat the do they really weak mixture, especially in those gout. You stray labyrinth, militant monster and collection arms. You encountering door roll pulled on them it holds incarcerate child. It lie educational part come into use. Every door be in fact letter with wrong punctuations as though you have to repair. Successful correction will results in a freeing detainee.

At the beginning gamesthat the you get into choose among boy and girl. Also, you get into pick level trouble for play action and educational part under separate coverthat the much beautiful features. You can play to using keyboard and/or mice. Use key to arrow move and space for fire. If using mice, you will move finger across main action cathode - raytube. Finger change about another arrows depending it them to a position on action cathode - raytube. Pressing go away mouse- klávesu will results in a shift or veer in directive dart is indicant. Genuine mouse- knoflík is reserved for action like fire, door and collection objects.This be something, what should be enhanced, you pick object or use something from environment point and click right- knoflík. As soon as did you hove sum, will place it in your slot inventories in jure.

Buffoon is your original weapon. Dithering appearances enemies, it seems as though your stroke be too strong. First opponent of are gigantic spiders who be destroyed with single stroke.Later enemy they may withdraw from more'n single hit, so you will either have to rush in into them and hit is several times fast - or use ' piratic ' tactics. There be no dive - bombed hot shift for example, that can be taken as drawback or simplifying games. Play is not very hard grown - up and shift and fight is rather simple, because this sympathize with children. Animation look like drawings. Enemy be projectedthat it%%= will horrible, but are assimilated to eyes children.

Below display foreground there are some buttons. I.M.Meen - ovo face is for main election, map can also be seen by pressing ' tabulator - ův key and arm is use it sums. Clicking on sum when did you find one or one in inventory, pull it to the hands and clicks again. If sum is tax or something, you at once use it. If it is weapon some, you will keep it and use it with fire. View of your sign in top- právu shows how he feels.

There are few children on every level. Read letters is not just about punctuations but can also tell you about secret halls frankly. In one’s completely you find clue except incarcerate child. This key unlock door for shift on next level.

Nevertheless, this is not very good play. Both surrounding country labyrinth and sense office becomes repeated after a while. There should be much more others enemy. Every now and then I.M. Meen will seemthat the tell you as though you will not will refrain it, but this does not help much. You can think as though children will do not find this play repeated, but it be in question how cub children can be play to this play. It's FPS after all. Music really does makes you feel like you be in horrible drawing, but also becomes repeated.

Average mark is fair trade from games is worth playing and definitely worth vision, because drawings be too nice to. Yet, play needs much more variants. Recommended for usual school children.

Work in win XP without sound. Use DOSBOX for full show.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Animation Magic, Inc.


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