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Another vynikající válečná hra z KOEI, tento čas hrající vy jak Temujin (lépe známý jako Genghis Khan). KOEI je známý doručováním přesnýc


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Once in virtuous kingdom long single journey live young servant boyhood named Chauncey. Like all good story this begins classic "once". King suffocates on scrag and young Chauncey is there, to protected him while Chancellora is pleasure visitors. Indebted Chauncey king give him his almighty sword "Grimthwacker" and sends him except to Shimto Plains build up settlement and goggle horde. How do you do you do when somebody's spared your life. It underlie games, pretty simple but every so much merry making.

It rove into two parts and both will influence themselves mutually and way, what play walks. First is strategy time, you get two minutes (real - time) move, buy and sell things about your current kingdom. For a start it be but bases like point traps, cow and fences but come in year - endthat the it buies time but more on that later. Once you have consume your 2 minutes or simply called further horde how did you make everything, what do you need it is action time. It lie you control Chauncey and trails with too large sword that is of Grimwacker striking horde. It do they really very simple. Trick is to kill off horde before, till they her all your increases, cow, villagers and houses. The more material yet end - position period (or round) more money you get and money is one of a number of requisitions in those play. At the end each year (which consists of 4 stipulated period you have to pay taxation. Taxation will heighten every single year so that is familiar with hold some money compensation. Once taxation are paid you may use some /every /no reserve moolah buy upgrade as are bombshells, circle teleportation, firm order stone - wall, knights, list continued and advances in increasing how age go. Nevertheless profusion all your money for upgrade isn't best plan because if when taxman ( bad chancellor how so says in handbook) cometh you do not have enough to crowns, ingame currency, you end in hock and that is end of play. Taxation add in main challenge to play, failing that simply it'd be a matter of surviving of each of attack then letting cities rebuild for others round etc . ad infinitum.

As soon as you begin get at the bottom of town you be in charge ofthat it%%= go up fortified castle for medal, tea and flapjacks and new placing. One of those be lies, reply to postcard to usual address... 3 years in every placing is everything you get out before grazing land new, every has it's own new hordlings and environmental problem, such as desert region with virtually nil water at that and woods where pigmean hordlings can hide in treeswhichjsou only too close to your village for the convenience. Why not fell is then? Well wood spirit will make angry and then you prance about at that. It's only one of by many small thing which makes this play whacking. Next is various break - in from CNNESQUE television intelligence station halfway through the years. It's amusing only from tone voice it speaks in but it does in reality influence play.

Money do world go round and there are a few way to make money. One is makes surethat the poisonous horde fasts your increases, villagers and cow (which in 100 crowning pop cost to interchanged even if they do wad to you). Further growth and burring down trees, you set your youngster for 1 crown wait several period and sell your tree for 5 crowns, will not sound like much but it be enough, to possessed surely you have you got money for taxman. A finale is when you goggle, I know I I'm used this phrase several times but when you hit one with the sword they blow out and then pop go to the horde. At all events when they will goggle they occasionally will reduce to crowns and small money is superior to no money.

Sound on play be good enough, vocal act be fairly hammy but suits style. Music is some peculiar type techno half - breed but best thing and what brought childhood memories flood back is horde call "awoooo awoooo". Effects, like be called horde, will not get repeated too fast but if you play to these for hours straight forward, no as though I have definitely no.

Trouble with play? No as though much, when you mess up it is your inherent error because she could not get there in time to eke out villagers. Has one main bother herewith, especially direction towards the end of the play, is that you can only eke out at the end each year so you can work your ways to cold only be shot some almighty horde that is of status as house, only a little fasterand perhaps 8krát more dim - witted. It is a pity but I should think so more tack to important word that is of "call appeal for".

I give those play round 5 only thereforethat it%%= is comical and different from most strategic or action plaies in terms of as though it be both at the same time. Oh and guard astonishment plait at the end... You probably catch sight of is coming but that is beside the point.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Toys for Bob


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