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Traders je hezký málo M.U.L.E. klonujte. To nemusí být nejlepší, ale zpět kdy já jsem byl děcko, já jsem hrál tyto hry pro hodiny s mými


Holiday Lemmings Pack Reviews

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They are back in red, and enters the final christmas adventure. Recessional Lemmings are collection special freeware version Lemmings slack how teach - in for original Lemmings and oh no! More Lemmings plaies. There be released 4 holyday games: X - Mas Lemmings 1991, X - Mas Lemmings 1992, recessional Lemmings 1993 and recessional Lemmings 1994.

If you like original lemming play and wants gives christmas gift for himself it is done thing to draw down. S christmas soundtrack like Jinglebells you be guaranteed to light upon genuine christmas moods.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: DMA Design


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