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High Seas Trader Reviews

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Marketer wide consumes put you in bot 18/19. century marketer, when Britain had colony in Indii and American colony be at large. You have you got ship, little men, map western Europe and 5000 money. Gradual you have to recruit sailors, buy better craft, get map and business!

HST is not just about traffic. You have to navigate, drive away pirates, kill enemies your country and give wide berth enemy cities. For example, if England and Spain suddenly will set A against B , did you were English and your trade route was Liverpool-Bilbao, would had to again think it over everything. Is store tobacco with Portugal yielding? Is grain from Marseillesa in demand? Your reliable price book come in handy for method of solution such uncertainties. It shows awards for purchase and sale goods in every town (which you have you got map for). But awards don't stay on same. If you do business much grain for either place to another, your supplier - Ova price will stop higher and they run grains. Nevertheless, there are many goods, perhaps more expensive than others and economic mock - up observe the time. Tobacco always has higher price than grain, and English colony in Indii always want to more arms.

There be over 6 sorts by boat, from nichž some way are better for traffic than others. Also, when did you relatively unschooled, salesmen will no give you bigger craft till then, than you happen better kith. Some craft have scarcely any- store space and much divide by, while others will almost unarmed but have much space for hundreds of tons load. But you must not forget feed your crew. There are 4 essential your crew needs at navigation, and if ones of these will run out your crew won't happy. Also, you have to pay is. Normally they will wait month or two without wage, and this can become in the early 6 months games till then, than you get some good return. A steersman can be hired to drove your ship along coursethat the you adjusted allowing you to put aside quarrel navigation. Of course it is totally optional. But Atlantic is big and boring...

This bring me on next part. Play world is, word for word, world. Asia, India, Africa, Europe and Americas are all modelled, with perhaps thousand by other connections to travelled. But you have to buy map in citiesthat the you achieve, and every town has another orchard maps every time you visit. You will have to buy as far as you can from cannot see where cities lack maps. It's especially useful from sometimes men will put near at you, demand ways to somewhere. ; mate says you if you have you got it town on your graphs. These people often have little load, but pay you without any stint. There are the, who cannot pay you - or be rumoured to on mission for your provincial.

A bad point is animation in port and introduction which be slow at Dosbox namely won't run in XP. But you can always jump introduction and thrust forth animation in cities.

Mean well will merry making? There's a but one way to check!

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Impressions Games


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