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Po těšit se z Abandonia téměř od začátku, myslím si je čas pro mě abych přispívat něco také. To je něco zvláštního, přinejmenším ke mně:


Hexxagon Reviews

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For the first time I ever play game like it was when I'm play 7. Guest (but this was slept square- a - gon - did you play at square).

No much to say about play really. It's is designed how board game (like Othello or reversi). You have you got reds chips and your opponent of has blue . If you move microchip to clingy space they multiplies - if you agree with it you only move by.If you move your microchip to space beside one's where your opponent of has microchip - you ' eat ' his one.

Winner is person with most of chips when whole hexxagon is replete up (or if somebody losses everything his or her chips before it). This play offers you three another levels of and two player mode.

It's freeware play, and I'm decided to build it when I saw to someone request it in forum.Neříkejte much more as far as at itthat it%%= is kinda comical strategy game as though you probably end playing among something else.

I'd it put 3.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Argo Games


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