UMS II - Nations at War
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UMS II: Národy za války, to je pokračování z dostihového fanouška fandy- ovo UMS (konečný Military simulant) z 1988. Já říkám to hned; de


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Far, far from our star Sol lies Blacktooth empire, bad empire, four worlds enslaved planet Blacktooth. All slavish worlds bubble with disturbance, but because of oppressive character their princes they will never don't achieve boiling point, they all miss leader to delineavit mob population wireless operator together.

Blacktooth alone is not any better, world narrowly controlled his dynamic leaders for so longthat the people even thinks about revolution. Peoples neighbouring stars get much worried about sign military expansion from Blacktooth and sent snooper from freedom planets to have a look, whether he may push slavish planets into full insurrection finding crowns lost when Blacktooth taken over. Creatures freedom be too foreign at thatthat the they be formed vaporous symbolic animals which adapt operate either independantly or, to their mutually advantage, join how one - head saddled at sb.'s heels, and really these ARE theirnames and both are - highly coached snoopers.

So begins story head & heels, two most popular and successful atari signs soever made. ALL who tried this play but one was hooky for life. A in the end.... now is time to play game again. RetroSpec and Ocean pull together and they made window remake games to mark AND with better graphic art!

What more you can ask for? If yet it's never proof this play before, let me only say as though it is one of the most original plaies riddle soever fecit through whole aero playing, and over VŠECHNY game deck! Headlong is one of the most unique and provocative games soever you will find.

Handbook included on file says you everything what needs have cognizance of play. I knowthat the you be set to love this jewel!

Year of publication: 2004

Made by: Retrospec


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