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Žádný respekt je jeden z těch her které nikdy není mající cenu ceny bez srážky, ale náhle stane se dobrými hrami kdy uvolněné pod rozpočt


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On Apennine peninsula there was dinky village destined for considerable size.Village now be called Rome ' eternal town ' . But there was point in time, where next town could overshadow it, could destroy it. Supply and Rome developed at the same time and competition between the two become so wild they go to the wars. Nor just one, there were to be three Punic wars in favour of the government in Mediterranean.

Most famous be second Punic wars, when whacking warrior Kartágských armies Hannibala crossed Alps piggyback elephant and attacked Romans where they at least awaited it. Hannibal moved his military down through of the whole Apennine peninsula passing unarmed cities Rome.Hannibal before alleywaies!Romans shrieked in virgin, yet to their relief he unchallenged it.

Story will never was unable in extenso answer why he no - unchallenged. He feared that the Romans had strong military protection their metropolises? Be him checking revert to his mother's provincial to upheld defend against Romish fight - back? Perhaps he believed Romans could withdraw from his campaign as a warning and demonstration their personal subordination and would will marry power Kartága without further needs for slaughter? Any reasons were to be, he unchallenged and although much landscape was devastated, Rome alone stood unswayed. Shortly after these newsmakers, Carthage he came in contract in which one of conditions were to be as though they have - not military for any purpose. In the meantime Romish confederate which bordered Carthaginians began invading Carthaginian demesne. In retaliation, Carthage began congregation militaries.In answer to this disorder contract, Romans rallied their armies and prepared for Third Punic wars in which the they tore Kartágský stone stone with - ův Kartágem proclamation never more!

it is your turn now rewrite history. Did you entrust sb. with Kartága and at your disposal are some Armed Services as well as authority to found out new armies, tax collection, and betting war... In short you be the head Carthaginian empire and you need to make the most of that. To learn, how, refer to handbook (see extras).

Play alone features handsome graphic art and includes solid sound. Play can be absolute first, but as soon as you will get used to it, you will quite drawn into games. It come in handy to strategy game that shall demand careful thinking and some leadership skills. You pretend side which lost and be pushed from story, so did you loser side in those play. It always be call appeal for. Are you ready on top? Are you ready and able rewrite history in those real - time strategy games? Here's your chance to evidence it!

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Starbyte


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