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Bůh hromu je počítačová hra která byla zveřejněná v roce 1993 společností nazvanou softwarová Creations. Díky nedostatku financování, nik


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Let's go face it. If did you human man, you probably played with military men at one point in your life (hopefully when did you were young). Fever as though you did you get how does your little green fellows made gutsy storm of grey German basic camp, put divide by from marble and making that peculiar peow- peow noise stay with you long. To some it will never really passes away, and we long for be able to experience it again. It's place, where Halls Montezumaa: story Marine Corps Spojených states enters. It's just like classical play Army Men, on massive scale, using cards.

Plane glass surface no - waive so long get accustomed to how I'm was thoughtthat the will, be able to nut most of it out and have full play in short 30 minutes session. Play take place on typical strategy games hexadecimal map, using cards to portrayed your troop. X notation or for infantry units, O' go in for cavalry and -'s go in for the artillery.After you pick your script, and which sidethat the you do you want be usually single sided has big advantage over next), you can call detailed news of all your groups. In those cathode - raytube you may see what insider beseem or tired, that broken lead, how much wastes they strike root, even whether their supply line was curtailed. Z reports menu, you can also try out all purposes on map and see who personal is, as well as what group is supposed tothat the occupy/set free is for more points. In order menu, you can send instructions down to your dividing. Nevertheless, they must not start forthat the did you be duethat the they'll use, and if they do contact with enemy will try and drive on be back, rather than hazard be killed.Every thing in those play dangle round your needs to got more Victory points. After intended winding number that is of another for by any map, person with most VP wins v. Can you be in the middle of daring offensive, when judge calls time and Rommel be only starting laugh in your face and steals your lunch money.

Being older play, I don't expect considerable size from graphic designer and sound, only functionality. Graphic art worked, when did you work up what notation meant on cards, that be enough easy to painted up armies embattled. Sound was next story though. It was very minimum, that was to OK, but what was to there was to hairpiece. Moving troop made noise, troop suffering below friction made noise, namely be about it except some of other PC-SPEAKER fringe and swings. Depending on where you feel Graphics and sound lie within on crash list games, perhapsthat the would could want to avoid of what but somebody else could do worse than giving play try for some merry entertainment.

PRO'S +accurate malingering session behind desk driving soldiers +enough to at a fast tempo +easy to get

CON- ovo -Graphics only functional - zvuk less than adequate - nemáte straight forward control of particular periods

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: SSG Strategic Studies Group Pty Ltd.


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