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Want to try best computer play I have ever played? Here it is - GHOSTBUSTERS!

OK, ok, ok... I now I'm possession about those play, but it is yet whacking classic enjoy numerous fans of both Ghostbusters licensed product and classical computer plaies.

First I'd like takes you back by the year 1984. I'm was yet pre - school brat at the time and Ghostbusters film play at cinemas (it stand away our local cinema village, but it be shown in all cities about me). Behindhand in autumn my brothers got our family ENIAC ( good old C64) in conjunction with tape period (but any joystick). S computer my brothers got also be the only computer game he even bought legally (the was days wild C64 piracy - especially in lands like Yugoslavia, where PC games simply were to be sold). This was (yes, did you guessed it) GHOSTBUSTERS! On minutes waiting for play to heaped title cathode - raytube in the end push out and computer voice said Ghostbusters, mwahahahaha! I'm was A fan games since!

I know, that will sound likethat the I be but praise play, but here it is one o'clock thing that shall will evidence play really was big hit song. Except C64 play was also ported for: Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 8 - bit, Atari 2600, MSX, NES, Sega Master system, ZX Spectrum and this version look just go!

OKS, PC version is PC footballer, which means it wasn't wanted be play at DOS. But it be in fact good thing, since, what it had far better graphic art and sounds then DOS based games have had at that time. Well, that fail to - features speech, but that is about only discrepancy between C64 play and herewith port (OK, yellow spirits would may be a little smaller - if you really want nitpick).

But enough to about my trips down memory alley, let's go talk of play alone!

As soon as you do you see indeed - ghost logo, you will hear familiar Ray Parker Jr.with Ghostbusters song and judgment what - it is karaoke time how you can sing along at that. A little white bouncing ball will show jump all over texts show you very thing, what sing and you can run through whole song (as though thought I wish more film based plaies they will use). Song can start vex you later, how so are repetition themselves throughout main parts games (but we will withal later).

Next you proceed to questioner. There are three simple questions here at most. Above all you need to wrote your name. Nezapomeněte name, that did you wrote, because even when this play hasn't eke out line which name becomes you and you may use it every time you play game. Now if it is your first time to play to you answer to the next question truly and state did you have not got bank account (if you nevertheless are play game and are have more money at the end that then did you begin with, you will have account number - to is writing - good idea the down). Because you do not have issue organizational unit she'll get you loan from $10.000 (if are she would have your own account number you would got amount of moneythat the did you have had at the end previous games).

This feature also does play highly repetition, how you can try and get more money from games play (and you can always continue by from where you be abandoned except last). Some good news from C64 fans, account number did you get there you'll also work upon this version (so go and get your old notes if you have you any), I I don't know next systems as I ain't got I'm didn't try out it myself. Also some things cannot even buy for the first time, when you play game (like high - powered sports car).

S money you have you got, you now need to bought car. There are four elect (in reality only three at the beginning - fourth yet cost for your pocket). Nezapomeněte cheaper car, slower it is namely can carry smaller equipment (you may see all four autos by pressing SPACE followed by come in), so do you really need to look on appreciatethat the you get price.

When you choose car you need to bought equipment. But one sum is requisite - TRAPS GHOST, they be on second cathode - raytube (there are three cathode - raytubes with equipment), but I high I prefer you buy bait spirit also. To further details contemplation on Ghostbusters play lead in extras.

How he said before, than, some things even you will not be able to buy, so only after you successfully end play (probably more then once) will you able get the best possible equipment. Reason about about how RPG character upgrade only, thatthat the you have to improve for either games to the other, no during games. It be wrapped up something new at the time further I'm I haven't seen wasn't next play which uses such system (although real RPG games be in a position use characters for either games in another - usually pokračováníchnebo peas in same set).

A now actual heat price play begins. If till now play remind you nothing film, does not make worry, that would didn't have. Play alone in reality isn't based on film at all. It follows conspiracy film, you are not playing some of the filming signs (if you non stop give Peter Wenkman how does your name) and there are even some inaccuracies in comparison with film.

How so says in first cathode - raytube when you have to give in your name, you be open Ghostbusters charter in your own town, so you in reality are became Ghostbusters and you need to ran your business successfully. Of course you so behave towards catch spirits.

On map cathode - raytube there are 30 houses, but only 20 are active ( 5 on each side screens isn't active). 18 of these are homes people who get charging echo (when spirit assault house begin flashing reds), one is your headquarters (GHQ at the bottom screens) and on is in central Zuul. If you keep in mind film, Zuul bolt assembly- hlídač was hobgoblin which possessed Dana Barretta, no outhouse. Zuul is final placing (if you be good enough you will licensed brand chance to come in Zuul and implore close interdimensional portal. Zuul only will start flashing reds when bolt assembly and key both ride up there (you may see is shift accidentally across map (they have - not no effect on play failing that).

When this becomesthat the you need to have more money then did you begin with (so play do they really all about money).

Houses on map are all slightly different. This except be handsome decorative effect (it only walks show do they really care for details as much as they could) also carry out play alone. If it is brick house it'll be much easier to seen and (in the end) catch spirit, but if walls are smooth, will you have a rocky time vision small slimmer.

How saidthat the Ghostbusters song from Ray Parker Jr. continue repetition themselves in backcloth. It's perhaps because I'm fan, but will never I'm was found it irritating. Noise footprint quality intriguingly come in handy to, although this version hasn't no speech ( C64 version included any next short phrase or words).

So if you ask me, this play surely merits highest mark and my strong recommendation. No only itthat it%%= be overwhelming play, but it is even whacking port. Comparison it some to other plaies, when they transferred is from of other tool grinder and sharpener, this really be overwhelming (except in missing colloquial parts). As well as I like image intermachine compatibility (I mean account number - only make sure, whether you use same name, failing that they don't work).

Older version had compatible problems, how screens flap much and couldn't see whole information desk did you needed and there were even joystick problems. So you need DOSBOX 0.75 (checks latest version), joystick and much spare time.

In addition play uses next mandatory BOOT X:foldergbusters.img (X is drivethat the you have you got play on and component observe the time folder path with play). You you'll also need to slackened play to 240 cycles (it can continue to be a little fast, but if you slow down it some next joystick can take off act and perhapsthat the would are could end shift left alone).

This play is PC footballer so, that don't work in DOS, therefore you will need DOSBOX.

Year of publication: 1986

Made by: Activision Publishing, Inc.


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