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Galaxial is clone world - known space Invaders namely much give insight into play is all about. You have to erase wave after wave foreign intruders to score point. Higher in flock foreigner's , more points, that you earn. Foreignes make it rougher up to you flying pumas and by using suicide raid up to you. They unchallenged you how they do in space Invaders, but stable economy shooting and shock action hold tension enough to high.

Z 1983 games cannot really expect much on the part of graphic designer and sound. CGA and speaker of- pípání is what do you get. Fairies are handsome enough to though and peep are not poisonous (and there's a option to turned off sound). Of course there are times problems, so you have to weaken number cylces in DosBOX to bare minimum (but keep it high enough to so games sufficing provocative). Option is to sought 4.77 Mhz XT machine to play it on :)

you you may set 6 levels of problems ranging from enough to easy (1) near impossible (6). In highers levels, more and more foreigners break - in falls shoals and rate wherein they drop bombs move up. You may use either keyboard or joystick to drowe you trade and play offers hot - seat two- hráčský mode.

Together, that be fine- life - saving play nerve which really making you relive old days. Play stays unyielding after all these years and if you participate fast play galaxial will you bottle your need.

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Namco Limited


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