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Fury of the Furries Reviews

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This play probably is not very familiar most you for it is not grande classical play, but before you stop read: keep it price really your time!!

Hopefully, now I have got your attention and we can withdraw from good view of play. When you start for the first time, it is not really telling. Graphic art are handsome but no extremely good, sound be but music and play is a little slow....

But do not let it deter you! After you finish several first - level, you start see magic games. Graphic art are yet simple but with many chicken nesting. If you look very closely at the level, you even catch sight of much Easter eggs. Strains yet continue repetition themselves, but which will be don't trouble you no more because you will completely engrossment games. Every level costs brand - new call appeal for, and where you first are thoughtthat the play was boring suddenly, that be exceedingly addictive!!

Hopefully you do you understand as though it is play that needs some time to win your heart, so give that chance namely will don't disappoint you. For all, who always wonder, what kind games it is, continue read to could find out.

Passion furrieries is platform play where you tamper with 4 by other sorts furrieries. Each of them has special aptitude (shooting, swimming, digging etc .) as though you need to used in the right place hereto, to did it to the end levels of.

It is not much original in play (reads: Losable Vikings), but all play is very well well - balanced, and short levels of be too strong suit those games. You will never you don't get frustrated buzz - bomb level because they are so little ones that you can try difficult parts many a time without the need finish mouth - filling part levels of from the beginning!

It is difficult to explain well why it is such good play, but take my word for it, and you will not will not get disappointed. It stipulates o'clock games because there are many maps with by other sorts riddles nesting.

Important: Run this play using fashion paper.bat set! If you start it with fury.exe, won't you superior with option to pick language and play will in french

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Kalisto Entertainment SA


Fury of the Furries - download


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