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To je remake opravdu populární hry od nejrannější devadesátých lét, nazvaný Wings zlosti. Toto nová verze přináší tomu zpět v nová sláva,


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Dystopian worlds are some way of mine favourite setting for games, books and movies; nothing making me happier man than vision one's agree with. Sense presentiment and horror from world go bad be much more entertainment to me than perfect utopia. Free of charge D.C.! is setting in only such world: One where robots taken over whole planet and last people are kept in Human zoo. Principal characteristic is Avery Zedd, cop from D.C.with past. He was season with to trace up man apostate for robots - - and me non don't pull down any more of conspiracy. But no everything be as it seems from every quarters hereof story: Everyone has their in-house software in those play.

Play alone is adventurous play, but, in contradistinction to most others adventurous plaies, it is not about solving riddles with sums from your inventories but rather a about talking to people. This could would throw off some men, how normal solving riddle be but be not found. Nevertheless, that well fit into games; Free of charge D.C.! isn't about solving riddles in physical female former, but about solving riddles in peoples. Resolution how talk to them get the most information desk, and anything they're laying aside you, need to be processed from them. It remind me Asimovovy robots Dawn books; people in play world block player, and you need to listened and respond in correct way to get all information of them, to she could have solve mystery. No play style for everyone, but unique and cool one to to those, who have like to it.

Graphic art of free D.C.! be but right upon this play. They manage to get atmosphere across rather well, even if they are not best soever made. Characters be in fact claymation, and add in special kind kinetic style; nevertheless, I question I would have processed this out without it is mentioned in of other reviews.

Play look is two - cleft into two parts - - one of which is main, upper half in which the you click for stroll around and lift some things. Next interactions have views upon lower part screens; this half shows your weapon or map, depending on which you currently use, and allows next interaction world and with Watson, your robot. So does it shows your Health in red and enemy in blue. This plait me first, how peas health is on the right and enemy to the left. Walk around on top is to make clicks on cathode - raytube, although this feels oafish; at the time you only can not seem to get Avery go where you he or want him to she'll get hang from something, what he'd didn't have. It is also hard to tell if you be but becomes glued - on - or if you are not are mean to go in this way at all. Stalk off cathode - raytube in southing (down) be but possible when you do you see small coloured line marker point whereon click. Nevertheless, even then this does always don't work. Piece work on this would had solve the problem, but it be easy to get accustomed to nor - leave alone me after a few minutes.

Sound be behind and music is OK, although it stay at accidental times and not at all adds anything to play. There voice act for some of the duologue but no for the rest, and whether that play to or not seem to be a little accidental. I would have liked either all vocal act or no in this case; globally it adds nothing to play and displease at the time.

Lastly, free of charge D.C.! isn't one of worst, but isn't one of the best, also. Setting be overwhelming and thought is unique one. Nevertheless, operating controls feels oafish and often make for Avery getting glued - on, no mentions as though finding walk away from cathode - raytubes can be rather difficult at the time. Graphic art will do OK work but are run of the mill, and music and vocal act is unfinished and adds nothing to play. Nevertheless, if you can miss these handicaps, play is merry making and story and setting be truly a cool. I give it to 3 from 5.

Pressing S and L reopening step and load option for this play.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Cineplay Interactive, Inc.


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