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Football Limited, made softvérem 2000, is one of rare football match soever made. Software 2000 also be involved in making " manager" aka "Bundesliga Manager professional" it feature here on Abandonia. It's attractive play which get along back in 1995 when football managerial genre was yet somewhat innovation. It'll be surely return memory of numberless o'clock spent in perfect your team.

Important matter to notice is as though Footbal Limited carries true sensation and flavouring entrepreneurial plaies association football, something, what seldom can be found in today's peas. So does it thinks choicely and as a result play integrity rarely be high, appeal to you hereto, so that always playing for hours.

If you want to do a good job with operating your team, you will have to trace whole much statistician. Scheduling trainings is also integral part of, as well as operating your immovables, invest in shares and care for youth development. presentation competition be too handsome (remind me piece " manager") and play runs fast and smooth. Dithering as though it come in handy to old DOS play, that eminently do - good using mice. Football Limited is for those of you as though feel masterlike manager is taking everything to level which be but too classical. So, if you did you get PC you be set to put into shoddy can, install football Limited on that instead of and have some good old - fashioned merry entertainment!

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Kron Simulation Software


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