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Welcome to Britain. Welcome to one of most powerful nation in the world. Welcome to democratic rule. Welcome to floor 13!

In the country operated democratic rule and free printing, scandal will infinite! It's your work to fix it so the rowdies will not annihilate phenomena free of charge country.

You only answer Head of Government. Your office there is no and no does your man. You can hamper scandals from demolition governments? There's a but one way to find out... Let's go I hopethat the are draw a line at same fate how previous boss in floors 13.

Floor 13 is great time- zabiják with many cases Demanding your attention. Play she could look like easy walkabout through park, but be fooled herewith. You will have to run through by every case which country on your desk with painstaking accuracy, finding every little detail and do administrative decision always. You may use number of people to achieve success, and graceful Head of Government he will add in more and more people your group. These guys they may do anything from tailing suspicious persons and dilative dark propaganda, heavy interrogation and attempt and attacks!But there is also conspiracy those games, how time from time you recieve mission from uncanny insider named ' Brotherhood Totha ' .

Don't worry play has termination, everything what need to be luck and clear mind.

If play has one slap it will have will colours... or rather poverty of that. This play they will so whacking if it was in colours as though it drops whole point for it is only black and white, also mission they may be too hard sometimes.

All the same play is absolute must for anyone who he likes games which offer call appeal for!

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: PSI Software Designers


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