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A jednoduchá a návyková hra, to je vítězný vzorec který byl užívaný s tolik klasik, a toto (třebaže ne tak docela dobře známý) opravdu pa


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While I seeking through mine old CD - ROMS I'm was found especially older containing much DOS - GAMES me odd my friend used to play much. We in reality we're we had to paid quasi 20 Dutcha Guilders (about €9,00) have you suckling burned, because in those gout anybody didn't have CD - WRITER and those that have had could charge quite piece money (burned in single - speed, child).At all events, disk be enough disorder up (we're it done in ' 95): heft coloured paint walked away and would you mind see right through. I'm take upon myself noble imposition to see if some of these plaies always would may be save from put disk into dust bin. It reflectedthat the most of them was rescue and among is I'm was found small title shareware named Flagger. After thorough session Googlu and small lead from of our own OldWarez list I'm was had to close I could find absolutely nothing about play online. Everyone completely forgot at it and even Mr James a. Sausville himself wasn't nowhere to have been found. No no more!

I I must say it be fairly joy playing Flagger again for it is one of the first PC-GAMES every man's in ours family like and I'm played. This is the only play has sister soever beats me in (except in Marioa brothers.. and Gianin Sisters... and donkey Kong... ah speak !). So, now, when I'm wasted 5 minutes of your life needless facetiae, let's go be discussing play alone, shall we? It be basically mine - sweeper for DOS. What more can say? You sweep pits, you get some articles, and you sweep again. There be no sound at all, and graphic art quite be boring. But play will add high - quality games for just under 50kb.

There are couple of minor difference in comparison with Windows most notablythat the you have to open out every individual square alone, even if it is grande empty region. A pleasant difference is as though you get safe young point in Flagger, so you do not have to click about like madman to got your play going. If you have you got 5 minutes to scrimped, sham. If you have you got two o'clock to slew, sham. It's fine !

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: James A. Sausville


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