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In the year 1983, in England, Anitě Sinclair, Ken Gordon, and Hugh Steers rallied form a company named magnetic Scrolls. Their purpose be formed interactive text adventurous games. At that time, there be in great demand such play on going 8 - and 16 - bit basis, and magnetic Scrolls, being English society, immediately advantage in the British market. Well, anybody which wishes more have cognizance of magnetic Scrolls won't hasn't no difficulty in finding information desk about it, come along talk of play we be present here.

Fish! he was one of last plaies marked like "conventional" be released society in the year 1988. Meanwhile, first graphic punctual- and- clicks adventure was looming, and classical text adventurous games were beginning lose popularity. A this play conspiracy is a little unreal - or not really, except in principal characteristic is a... well, if you were thinking, "fish, " did you get it. Allow me to remind you , that this "fish" isn't same another fish, for he is also "agent 10, " one of the best agents in ultra- secret government agency - so secret which nobody soever heard about it. But, you ask me, "how can fish be spy?" well, do you knowthat the, thanks some late and quite innovative technology, that it is possible do a thing called the "warp." now you ask, "what heck is warp?" no, it is not one of those space jumps made futuristic cosmic crafts like Enterprise; it is nothing but special technology which allows our hero - as though little fish inside that fish dish - handle "host of." as part of that suit, there's a some kind "minds- směsi, " in which the strongest mind ( fish mind, of course) will control hostessy body.

But, what's this organizational purpose? Well, as with of all well - informed - and probably obscurity - universe, from real life pure for analysis fancy, there always be by two societies: "good" side and "bad" one. These bad bastards always find a way to talk to bring evil in the world. Enemy hereof story are named "Seven vital flippers, " and they plot to efface all marine life - something that the great guy cannot let become. Behind reward for stopping their bad plans, our little hero wants nothing more than spend well earned holiday inside his little fish bowls, well fed and with nothing else do.

This play, as I before I'm mentioned, is text adventure. Nevertheless, that has several pictures to adjusted genuine mood, but they invariably much. These graphic art have plenty of colours - 16 of them, in reality, at the time, when most advance designer always used 4 basic colors CGA. O sound, everything, What can I say is as though I ain't didn't hear thing. Command interpreter is quite good, how so can recognize sentences with a number of words. This may be either strong or groin, because, although play can recognize any contemporary inferior, I'm do not find his dictionary complex enough to - for example, at the beginning games, ours small potatoes swims conversely. To make him swim like he is supposed to, you have to go into a place genuine order ("turn" nor "turning upside up" or anything like that). To those, who find myself stick at any part games, we're included recap, but implore end play without consulting of what failing that you lose whole merry entertainment this play have to offer.

Together, that is one of those plaies which adventurous fans they will want to try out. Field who prefer punctual- and- clicks games or who's simply too lazy to inscribe on orders are recommendation to avoid it play. To whole another, I advise you try it on!

To run this play in DOS, you need interpreter. This interpreter is included in play file; it is executable file magnetic.exe. To run game, after mounting components where play inhere in DOSBOX, only will write mandatory magnetic fish.magazine - or type order in "run..." duologue from Start menu Windows.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Magnetic Scrolls


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