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First Samurai, The Reviews

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" king demon will go down of his mountain domain you, first samurai and your mister. Defenseless against magic demon, you succumb his powers, leaving your mister to combated king demon alone. ; mister lapse into buoy, dying. But, with his last gasp, he summons Wizard magician. King demon bojícího will knock down, escapes into the future. Hagridden, young samurai searches teaching Wizard magician in the way of faery. Boiled with vengeance and gun - toting with virtuous sword, young samurai follows king demon into the future and obscurity..."

with these words, nicely done introduction brings you to the quick visual games 1st samurai. It be published in the year 1991 for PC, Amigaa, C64 and SNES and succeed reply to games like Shadowdancer and famous last ninjathat the keeping fans distant- easter action arcade amused during early ninetieth ages.

First samurai is arcade basis, full action, in which the you lead your hero through time - visitation different world, mystic futuristic - on his search for vengeance. Even if story not have to be as though original, whacking play balances this out very well and gives clump of handsome innovative activity.

You control your samurai using keyboard. You you are going, huddle, jump and climb the with cursor keies, and combination them with free place, several efficient attacks can be executed. Until the samurai isn't retaining his swords, you defend themselves with pummeling and shoes which run against another directions, but be not doing worry, so have you be set to find arms enough to soon. There are stiletto and axes, for example , that can be warped towards your enemies. Most important weapon is your virtuous sword, though. It is not only maintenance you in meetings, it is also part clever energy system. I'll be back this later.

Levels of be fairly complex and interestingly sequenced. Most of the time, won't you moving simply straight forward, for your agile samurai can climb the many of upright surfaces or can glide down though earth - house to make accessible lower areas. No all of these roads are easy - to - use, though. Divers must be spied first and then rockies or such be often blocking alleyway and have to be out striking them. But it is worth effort for many handsome sweets expect you. A bluster, of course.

To make surethat the samurai has hard time venturing levels of, much wild creation are will cross his way. To exactly, they runs, years, jump and roll and give their best stop gutsy hero and buckler their mister, king demon. Monster will enter big variant of - bats, rats, fire- spitting stone statuary or cizí - similar Frogs even and next warriors be but some to was mentioned. In addition, there be enough cunning trap precipitation your energy, if you are not careful enough to.

Talking energy, your samurai will suffer attacks and traps, no matter how hard you fight. You start play with four lives. Your life energy is indicated arm icon for on lower left parts screens. When arm vanish completely you lose one's life. You will find numerous entries refrigerant your energy, as are food baskets or dues, ensure won't you completed except too easily. Developers games think about something else and that is appendant to your virtuous sword. Like I'm mentioned up, your sword is your most important sum. His special virtuous energy is painted icon for swords on lower right screens. Any time you be destroyed enemy monster, that releases incandescence, shooting - star which you absorb automatically. It leave about your virtuous power rise and icon for swords shoot up a little. After have collected enough to those virtuous energy, your sword discovers in your hands and you may use it. Cool thing is, it is not only much helpful militate against but also presents kind accumulated provision for your life energy. If, in reality, your life energy be shot too low, your virtuous energy is reduced and part of it transforms life energy, packing you from deaths - for the present. When this becomes sword disappears till then, than you recover enough to virtuous energy to get back your beloved weapon.Next handsome innovative activity at first samurai are ' resurrection pots ' . These pots are distributed to through levels of and somewhat resemble checkpoint. To use them you will first need to invoiced be abreast of some virtuous energy. As soon as they start glow, they're ready to use. If you succumb during fights, you drop life and will resurrected in pot. You can choose even in which the potthat the you do you want restart. It exports need to covered old provincial after you are obiit namely can also be used hereto, to drowe hero quickly among by various parts levels of. Usage how abbreviation can be much useful, how play, like I'm he said before, than, be fairly nonlinear in certain parts.

Pots are, of course, no only thing entries maintenance you on your search. There are next virtuous entries which can be lifted (only if enough to virtuous energy is collected). These entries they may be used to surmount certain areas, that they will failing that unpassable, like walls fires, rivers or of other similar points. In addition, you be in a position get help for such office from Wizard magician, whose blue- bliká face it seems from time to time.

But I don't want disclose too much in those review, for it is your merry making to look into and reveal world 1st samurai themselves. I I'll go into technical the point of view place that right now. Play runs totally on Dosbox. Blackly, there be but music during introduction, but at least it is very good and appetising. Land - gamete sound effects are nicely done, material general atmosphere well and non get poisonous. VGA graphic art be truly a gorgeous to followed and diversive suggestions monsters, effects and landscapes are animated swimmingly. Sign alone is also very well pulled and animated and that is pleasure to followed him fight and move. Only featurethat the I'm missed, was cool parallax- scrolling which was to implemented in future versions, but no in PC-VERZI, although it fact reduces merry entertainment playing those games in no aspect.

Although another attacks your samurai withdraw from a little get accustomed to, operating controls generally are pretty simple and single - minded. Difficulty games spare, to my mind. How enemy creatures remain on respawning, you will well recommended hold on the move most of the time, but there's no need panic from resurrection pots will evidence to be overwhelming spare system. You even hold all entries, that did you worethat the after you were resurrected. Despite, this play is by far not easy, so dinky practice for working is requisite.

Has mind is planed. First samurai offers whacking Arcade - Action and much handsome innovative activity. Gorgeous appearance, mixture among posunujícím , fight, investigation and uncanny and last but not least, well - balanced yet heterogeneous leveldesign follow in many o'clock play entertainment! Tableau made astonishing work and even for today's standards first samurai be too recommendation challenge to all fans hereof genre. Neminout it, that be understood 5!

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Vivid Image


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