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Stupid man - how in almost every postapocalyptic play/book/film - destroyed whole provincial planets. This time they do not just nuke it with some heavy pumas - this timethat the they made themselves some kind virus which be capable of making no- feeding up sugar but unfortunately transformed whole lower half food chain kne- nutritionalnourishment. Sad but truth. Well they no - die of hunger - how all of us know human races - they started whacking war. It's how so finished. Oh no, that no - be not over completely! There were to be parts and much robots left from wars. Robots which be capable of put out new robots and collection agents and, as a matter of fact, you robots stand up to fought.(I now leave away part ' with you are choice one... blabla' that does not really too well pop into games - read handbook for full story.)

now there you are everything alone with your ' robotic town ' in small zone on gigantic continent. To win the game you must knock down all enemy robotic cities in every zone. When I first seen this play (no no in the year 1987 - in the year 2006 in reality) I'm was quite sure as though it'd I'm was valuable no more than 1 point. Then Kosta got me handbook now and me be truly a tempt to give this play 4 articles evaluation. Most considerable thing is as though final limit is play from 1987 but it is in realtime! Probably one of the first RTS in the world of PC GAMES? Who knows?

But now let's go start at it, how play works. To much auxiliary view view please into manuals, for fast start of read on.You be off best when you start play with ' limit.exe in troth ! that shall will change standard CGA mode to EGA which means more colours in the main cathode - raytube. ( next screen continue to be cga, but who cares? It's play which reckon no graphic art, directly?) Fisr thing you do you see is overview map current zone you fight v. Use cursor key to move finger and spacebar to clicked. On that mapthat the you do you see wheel and oblique articles. Round articles are friendly troop et al. are enemy. Aim in every zone is to destroyed enemy robotic town. When you enlarge into map clicks somewhere near 1st visible round point you catch sight of square. It's your robotic town. Click onthat it%%= move by. When you advance towards friend he'll fire away you. Always disconnect switch back to survey map to see how much energy and shields did you left. To jump aside fight you need to build your own combat robots. You start performance in overview window clicks lower part genuine icon for - factory. There can choose make - up and arms troop. Once new robot stand up you can move it just like you move your robotic town. You troop attack friend automatically at be to the extent. Any next worthy of note thing in final limit is that you can even resurrect extinct robots. Simply build working bot and move it to the extinct troop. Build some scouts and warbots aswell skulk about map to localize enemy robotic town. At have bigger military destroy it. Once zone is free movement to the next and everything recommence.

Play be fairly unknown for reasons I can't really explain. Perhaps people weren't poised to RTS in the year 1987? I can only counselthat the you take your time to auditioned how final limit works. It is worth probably some checking.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Mirrorsoft


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