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Final Fighter Reviews

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Final fighter is simple yet merry making nobrainer. You control tank and your mission be killed of the whole next tanks. Play be basically Quake arena with tanks. Final fighter can be played double regimes; Singleplayer and multiplayer. Singelplayer is merry making, but it can't be in competition with fever from going online and battle against your own friends.

Play accessible for download is abecedarians packet. It includes 19 another tanks, but only 1 level. (you can draw down more level and leather tank from nets).

Concerning operating controls, they're easy learn. You move with cursor keies, aim and fire with mouse, and you choose another arms by pressing numerals.

It are everything people. I hopethat the you will relish play precisely, how I'm did.

Year of publication: 2001

Made by: ZOK-Software


Final Fighter - download


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