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Fiendish Freddys Big Top O Fun Reviews

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Any child loves to visited circus, but circus is not always in town. This play gives us chance to be in circus any time we want to, regardless of age player.

Fiendish Freddy currently has trouble with money. He needs to earned ten gee to pay its debt. It will not snap. Loan- žralok is give him one evening pay, and leaves bad fool to make surethat the money won't ready in time. It it is time for player to upheld good ol - ův Freddě be making money.

Play piles from six by other newsmaker circus, and if you refuse only practice, you have to go through them all. After every split up jury will fight and discuss over how much money achievement was valuable . Every newsmaker has several by other level, if you succeed in do of the whole needed gimmickry genuine - you will have to make them again in below much more heavy circumstance, and keep in mind - bad fool refuses so that be making money!

High dive

it is not only jump into swimming - pool. ; sign have to fit inside water tankthat the is given smaller and smaller with everyone attempt. In - flight down if you want to attach money - you can exert some acrobatic gimmickry.


A fool on jedom - wheel wheels looks amusing, but when he is jugglery ball, bats and next thing, that it is time when people will amusement. Good thing is as though your signs in those matters hasn't no problem with his balance, so you only need always jugglery material, and guard "premiums" entries from bad fool.


trapeze is dangerous newsmaker - ropes are high and there be no security- síť. Player have to jump for either ropes to the other with good timings, how ropes are in constant motion. Throw


A blonde girl revolves on big animal surrounded balloons. Your work is to threw knives in wheel to goggle balloons, and hold lady safe. You aim knife the same way as you would in classical- shooting play revolver. Problem is, you cannot use pistole - only joystick or keyboard to drowe knife- look. Aim well, how knives are not boundless!


A walkabout on rope - no as easy, how walkabout in park. This newsmaker requires, so that kept man stationary on rope mending his level. Bad fool have any special gimmickry to make you fall, so watch - going equality will at least your problems!


A gutsy man lets nice - looking lady fire away him from ordnance. In those parts games you need to adjusted objective mark in requisite place and press fire button in good time. You be allowed as far as by three attempt at this mini play.

Fiendish Freddy is lady of colour play with many humour (even when one of your signs dies). It isn't easy manage all matters, but significant difference between them be giving you chance to find your favourite one, and put mind to. Play is best to my mind in multiplayer (until 5 players, no networking) - then you can compete and laugh together, when bad fool is mess with your opponent of. Play merits strong much 4.

Operating controls:Attachment - fire ButtonDirectional arrows - movement

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Gray Matter


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