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Fields of Glory Reviews

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This must be by one of most rich in detail historical strategy games soever made. It be based on historical conflicts fought Napoleonem Bonaparteem and his militaries, inclusive famous Battle of Waterloo. Some of the you might think do you know everything there's a to knew about these conflicts, but soon you will learn only do you know tip of iceberg. Play supplies you with extensive information desk about anyone type troop, formation and arms, and background for every person, that it is concerned, detailing their name, family ties, rank, age, experience and next. Historical aspect games do they really magnificent. This play alone serve you enough to material to completed doctorate on Napoleonu and his warfare!

Microprose has together - -operated with many historians and experts hereto, to made field Glory how realist as possible. You can choose play to either Napoleon himself or his members below the gangway. Aim in play is, of course, crush your enemies and see them off driven battlefield, at minimisation of your own wastes. This may seem a easy enough to, but you soon will into - learn that it%%= is easier he said than done. After conflict finishes that the you do you see some statistics and get your score.

You have you got three sorts periods; The artillery (ordnance), cavalry (horsemen) and infantry (soldiers). Some of the you may be familiar with by the following sorts periods from such plaies how civilization et al. in genre, that is why know that the discrepancy between defeat and victory is used correction unit against enemy (for example, excelagainst infantry cavalry).

There are numerous formation in play, and cavalry charge they may be easy to loser by using correct formation, so will be not taking anything for bestowed.

Play can be in comparison with a game of chess. To every attack there's a fight - back. To every piece lost on battlefield, next gains superior position. No matter how many more periods, that you have you got than your opponent of. If members below the gangway knows all skills of his periods, he will win.

I must say alsothat the strategy games is not my cup of tea, but I thinkthat the the, who have like to genre won't disappointed herewith play.

We're switched file to preinstallation thatthat the be in line with by, how we treats ours next games. You can change now language in setting.exe English, Frenchman or Germans. Are not you happy people.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: MicroProse Software, Inc.


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