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World za války - Stalingrad

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Once in small village two brothers live. Their name was Learic and Leanoric. Both of them like find out acquaintance with about ancient mysteries alchemy. They read old MSS, collective rare herbage and even more rare trophy from by other animals. Together they blended additives and prepared virtuous liquid. Some of the inhabitants village like brothers, divers were bewildered is. Magic isn't easy material. No every mixture arrange good effect - much experiments issue with poisonous poisons or even worse erupting line.

One day grande explosion occur in their home. Both of them give the guy to fires. Their summer cottage burnt down to rooted in ashes. Nobody knows what is up that day, but since brothers went detachment. They stopped talking to each other. Thing got even worse - brothers started to fought among mutually.

Story broil not have to be as described above, but this where your play begins. You have you got chance to get into Learic bot and militate against Leanoric by using virtuous faery. Both of you have you got tantamount chance to kill themselves mutually. No differences be down among characters.

Image games is pretty simple. You need to herborize and next uncanny additives to fecit faery from them. To pick ingredientthat the you need to go into a place one from that is lower part. This is not simplest waythat the this was implemented - sometimes it be frustrating walk through maze and appreciatethat the you approach herb from angular point from that and cannot lump it. If you will find maze overburdensome on the spot also should be map. I could say that the world shew - you can move up always transport - or another direction (escape crimp of course) always and you get into seats did you started after some cathode - raytubes. In real - play world is rectangular :)

nearside bottoms screens you may see your spellbook. There are 12 faery. Every magic is to make from 2 herbs. If you have you got ingredient in your bag - name from that will enhanced. What ought do to made magic? Do you remember big kettle near your home? It's place to join magic. You need to chose orderly page from your spellbook, have both of ingredients in your bag (enhanced in book) and press fire button. Additives will lost and spell name will enhanced. Now you may use it. Some of the faery is offensive and can set damage Leanoric (fiery ball, bolt of lightning), some of them they may be described as defence cure, Invisible) and part of these are only useful ninny - port). In entire corner there's a compass. Arrow at it shows direction into Leanoric.

Not only two militant magi are in play. There are also some townsmen. They walk around their before - -defined routes, and with turn on charm you be able to do some of them help you (your friend also can). Take look here ! One of them can flow out your life when you'll get into his garden. Best herbage they may make you pay ... with your life.

Graphic art are simple but handsome. Everything be understood and easy to identified. I like really way, how life- metr is shown on screen. Both brothers are point out bottoms screens. When their live be down picture show him be also getting smaller. It looks like he is interred. After vital picture tomb stone substitutes pin - up. Operating controls be shown before play begins, and can not be renewed. To my mind make - up operating controls would may be better. I ain't got heard no or musical sound ...

To my mind there would had multiplayer mode. It would be very nice to militate against next living person, not only with computer. Probably in the year 1988 it is difficult to give this kind feature into games. Play be released for many basis (commodore 64, Amiga, MSX, Atari et al.) and as far as I know none of converting have had multiplayer option.

Broil be fairly merry making, but have any disadvantages. I can't say why, but I'm enjoyed hereof title lot more on C64. Perhapsthat the I'm currently much older, perhaps PC version isn't such good. Together general score will only be 3. Draw down it and will try it alone check if I am right :)

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Binary Design, Ltd.


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