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Fantasy General Reviews

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Fantasy General is hexadecimal- based strategy game. Pick your hero, withdraw from your military, and desolated to different continents games.

Let me first don't start saying I've never been fan hexadecimal- based strategy. Always foundthat it%%= be slow, boring, predictable and only hasn't thing. Nevertheless, on installation Fantasy General again I'm was pleasantly surprised. Make - up menu and design plane glass surface are easy - to - use and without even manuals the, who're travelling for cerebral cell they may get core of a game during ten minutes playing and food about.

Election play begins with you pick and choose one of assorted heros, every with untrue periods for their initial military and later solicitation. Play covers gigantic field periods, from lowly peasants with their pitchforks to massive tree men, wyvern, dragons and slings. How do you act through play you will find gigantic variety of magic sums and next heroes ( from nichž divers be truly a horrible, but I leave chicken to you reveal) in town how do you catch is.

Upon this remark it must be said that the play is played no on a small scale conflict but over gigantic extent country; numerous cities stipple map, river cut it, inhibitory troop down, mountains and ravine causes natural chokepoints help you destroy superior enemy armies. Terrain games be exceedingly important in every conflict and must be exploited to its full benefits later in play if you wish knock down superior armies. First continent gives beginner thought that the play be but A case loading further and assassination of everything in your way. Nevertheless, this access soon leads to knock down. Troop have to be used as surgical instruments, no any pole with which only sticks your opponent of.

Play be too deeply in how every period, hero and sum is another and has another perks and penalty points. Quantity of information lecture on every period is fantastic, although conspiracy be fairly basic in his "deprive world bad" access.

Graphic art for play individualize down from top basic hexadecimal strategic play, although animation for death periods are handsome touch. General fancy has handsome all feeling at that, remind me old stale coils in his design.

I could only get sound to used to work with VDMSOUND initialization; running DOSBOX normally not seem to get it work. Music is very good and atmospheric, although personally I prefer playing with some of the my own in backcloth.

Function arena gives welcome relief to those, who wish play that is not hagridden - tension how do you lose your excellent period to group sprites - it is in these points , that option to scrimped any time be welcomed very much. Number maps accessible also will hold you busy for many o'clock.

Globally I'm be truly a impressed with herewith play and, sincerely, depth long way will reweigh some /by any /no modern RTS play. Fancy universal will on mine ford- pohonu long come in.

Part five - star be subdivided into several lots

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: Strategic Simulations, Inc.


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