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Fantasy Empire is mixture among RPG, turnbased strategy, and malo - politic battles where you straight forward drive your warriors/heroes RTS-WAY (this may be avoidance of seleting "dissemble battles).

Play take place in provincial fancy Mystara, where " prison mister" (hi ! - I heard as though one before) I'm gave you challange (knock down your opponent of as usual). Except of what action never mind - "campaign" consists of by other maps where you basic do you do same - order & fight out.

Turnbased strategic part is straight forward foward - you control your Fantasy Empire, build building in kingdoms (regions) you control, create new armies, send heroes on searchs, assault next kingdom, etc . it may be quite illusory start of (if you you do not have read handbook), from there is no way say what another outhouse dělajínebo why some things happens. This it could have been poser, but is to make up for by one of finest lynxs in Fantasy empires: "education".

Instead of conventional textboxs backward lash up and Říká you what's to be done, old magician at top screens sometimes opens his mouth. I shouted at mine cathode - raytube because I could not find, whythat the I'm kept on piptonychia kingdom I'm fight out, and suddenly old bastard woke of his snore (he does that when did you idle for a while) and says: "make - up holds bring into position power over your kingdoms - did you lost much warriors because you you do not have done this...." Aaah, useful really....

RPG part games is not as important how you would awaited, have created your sign same in a way you do in AdD. All soldiers they may obtain exp - though effect it be but itthat the they obtain lvl and now are "Veteran soldiers" (or elite when they obtain next level). Your heroes also betters - the same result. Futhermore heroes they may obtain extraordinary items on searchsthat the you don't control - you simply make the bed them to a search, and then they either will return couple of veer later - or they die seeking. Sign as though you create at the beginning games gains level every once in a while completed map in campaignthat the innovates your of the whole empire.

In politic parts, after you are dislocate your military, you control accidental period in military. You stroll around battlefield using keyboard and finish into troop dies - then you gain control of next period. Comical part here’s to handled hero engaged on battles - you can strain among hero/periods by pressing F1/F10, depending on that, whether did you ambusher or defence attorney.

Music in play is average quality - no Wagneru, but it does what it'ssupposed do. Same is true of sound effect making politic buoy.

Several power player part games is worth 3,5 from 5 - it is very average, there are very little of lynxs which wasn't seen before at that time (93/94), strategy resemble as though protector crowns, and RPG-PART be too dull. Politic play- thumb- the - gamete is not very interesting single player, but when you play against your friend ( onlyI have got one :D ) in hot - seat mode, politic part steps into sign - it is big fun killing your přítele - ovo lvl 35 hero and traces how his world come apart.....

So lockwork is 4/5 into Fantasy empire for average single player play and whacking multiplayer play if you have time therefor.

Part cells & Dragons plaies be subdivided into several lots

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Silicon Knights, Inc.


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