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Faery Tale Adventure II - Halls of the Dead Reviews

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Just like his ancestor of, this be calculated for be introductory games for RPG genre. You again encountering three brothers Julian, Phillipem and Kevinem. Biggest difference between the two plaies is graphic art. As you can see from screenshot, play uses pixel graphic art. Designers followed every rule concerning art pixel and they were all gentlemen. Result is extraordinary.

As with so much RPG'S you start inside cities. Here you go into a place of each of house, steals everything this is not nailed on down and then sell it to the local hockshops. S money you get you purchase better arms and cavalry. ( always - I open up RPG hero to was kleptomaniac... but none of NPC'S it seemsthat the will hamper. Perhapsthat it%%= is because they only seenthat the you kill dragon with single stroke your warhammer. If you want to steal their pillow, pots and flowers, they NECHYSTAJÍ SE state in your way. I know I no... ) after you are issue with theft, you speculate before town wall, kill themselves sprite, killer whale, troll... etc .. Only plunder be later, and leave them rot underfoot. Niiice.

Play is also replete mini- searchs, so implore speak to by everybody you encounter. There might be quite girl need three young man to rescued she, the bogey man to zabilonebo apples to was collected... Any search will also be taxes depreciation in books and heavy bunchs, so reading these also. They may contain valuable help.

This play score a goal high in every aspect (except perhaps on class you good social manners), it should have been on every hráčův " play to" list.

After unzipping "FTA2" component from file, you can start play traction "DOSBOX.bat" on DOSBOX abbreviation. Download includes CD in visual filename "CD.iso". Script "DOSBOX.bat" is designed hereto, to mount it and start play automatically.

Year of publication: 1997

Made by: Dreamer's Guild, The


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