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Eye of the Beholder Reviews

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Eye viewer is all - time favourite. It's real - time 3D romping dungeons on his best. You control side from four adventurers who have to look into channels your cities and root out evil which has rank is.

Graphic art in those play are gorgeous, from molds your partymans and NPC'S swords, taxs and virtuous sums. Monster are also really well done and there are quantity them! There are stacks sums also, only expecting at it, be lifted. Westwood be known to making visually astonishing introductions and they will don't disappoint. Introduction explains story till now and then you be off...

Creation sign is simple and straight forward. You can choose from the list races A1 and then re - - roll statistics till then, than you be happy.

Fight in play also be easy; you have to only right - click on weapon and that is used. Nevertheless, only your fore characters they may militate against sword; back one have to use ranged arms or magic. Magic is used rote learning faery at restful and then constituent magic from the list.

Sound frightens and much fitted environment. You can hear frame tinkle their chains how they move, and believe me, that is unnerving.

Together, this play is worth some /every /no RPG-ER- ovo time. There's a merry making to be had, courage hereto, be shot and map to was pulled.

Part eye trilogy viewer

parts cells & Dragons plaies be subdivided into several lots

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Westwood Studios


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