Games 92 - Espana, The
Games 92 - Espana, The - náhled


Toto hra je sportovní simulace která vezme vás do Barcelony, Španělska, v letech 1992 a dát vás do bot profesionálního atlet


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Play Euro association football be done in year 1992, society named software talent. It's normal play association football, do to tamper with best teams Europe. In those play you can play to themselves or with friend, and you can sport with keyboard or with joystick. But this play have any unique offers, like listening to national anthem some land. You can go to the play election and choose video card EGA mode, Sound Blaster to PC mluvčímunebo will thrust forth soundthat the I advise.

In those play you only have you got two election to played. You can play to friendly match or play to tournament. You can configure time in competition (instance: 2 or 4 minutes), conditions weather (this changes anything in matchs) and you can also change creation your team.

In Euro association football, you have you got several land to pick a team from, and country are: Spain, France, Holland, England, Scotland, Italy, Germany and Sweden. A there you you can choose best team, like tamper with Milan, Barcelonou, Inter, Real Madrid, Bayern, you name it, pick your favourite European team. If did you type which he likes managerial games, this is not games to you, because here, you only kick ball, alleyway and score, nothing more.

Key to play to this play are cursors, and spacebar to fired or skim to cut from your opponent of. After this, I have to give 3 star to those play, relishs it.

To run this play, you will need DOSBOX, and turn cycles to 6000.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Flair Software


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